OTR Tire Vulcanizer Tire Repair for Truck and Off Road Tires Tire Iron

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Vulcanizer, designed for Trucks and OTR Tires application.
Automatic Temperature Control.
Sealed Heaters

Adjustable Time Control
Low Cost
Includes set of 7 contour plates and thermal pad

  • Automatic Temperature control
  • Heater On/Off Switch for tube application
  • Adjustable Time control
  • Automatic Shut off
  • 110 Volts, 12.1 Amp. consumption
  • Set of 7 contour plates included
  • Thermal Pad included
  • Warming up in just 5 minutes
  • 1200 Watts Total, 600 Watts on each heater
  • Temperature 140-150 degree Celsius, 300 deg F

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