KTool 71930 Tire Repair Kit 8 pc Plug Patch Flat Tubeless Car Truck Motorcycle

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Complete 8 piece set that will allow you to repair your tires and get back on the road. Just stash it in your trunk in case of emergencies. 

Great for repairing punctured tires on cars, trucks, motorcycles, hand carts, wheelbarrows, and more. This set will pay for itself with 1 use.

Tire Repair Kit, for Tubeless Tires

Kit includes: (2) T Handles - 1 with steel insertion needle and 1 with steel spiral reamer, (2) Allen Wrenches, Lube, 50 4” Strips, in Case

Easily and quickly repair punctures in tubeless tires

Simply prepare the hole with the spiral reamer, load the plug into the insertion needles, and plug the hole

Components designed for professional use in rugged shop environments

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