Hot Patch Combo Cushion Gum Hot Patch Hot cement with Box Tire Tube Vulcanizing

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Hot Patch Combo contains:

*1 Box organizer 15" x 7" x 7"

Plastic with additional compartments 

*1 Box with 10 pc HNRA10 Hot Patch 2" x 3".

This Repair unit will activate when heat and pressure are applied.  

Hot Vulcanizing to the tire, once applied is part of the tire.

MUST use HOT Cement, we have in our store.

Optimal Adhesion--Cure Bonding Gum has over twice the adhesive strength of chemical cure repair units.

Flexibility In Use--Depending on your need, Dual Cure Repair Units will fully cure during the retreading process, in a section mold, or with the heat and pressure created by a tire in service.

Cement Application Procedures--Apply Dual Cure Repair Units with HOT Vulcanizing Cement.


*1 Box with 10 pc HNRA12 Hot Patch 2-7/8” x 4-5/8”

Same as Patch HNRA10, bigger size

*1 Lb Roll Cushion Gum for tire vulcanizing.

Approximately 6 feet long. 9-1/2" wide. 1 mm thick.

Approximately 4.75 square feet of repair material.

Ready to be applied with a tire vulcanizing equipment.

*Xtra Seal HOT CEMENT 945 cc, 32 Oz

This cement unit will activate when heat and pressure are applied.  

Applied when use the Hot Patch and vulcanizing equipment.

Vulcanizing temp 140 deg C (285 deg F)

Free shipping, stock in Miami, FL.

We also sell the tire vulcanizing equipment.

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