OTR BIAS Tire Repair Patch #5 OFF ROAD AGRICULTURAL TIRE 7" BOX of 10 USA style

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TAITEC / AUTOTOOL Dual Cure Cross-Ply Tire Patches 7”    AMERICAN STYLE   Box of 10

Dual Cure Repair Units chemically vulcanize at room temperature or when heat and pressure are applied.  Dual Cure Repair Units provide many benefits to the tire repairman:

User Friendly-- soft, high tack gum is less prone to problems associated with moisture, handling, and cement drying time, allowing easy application.

Dual Cure Base Gum "locks" the repair unit in place until a full cure has occurred.

Optimal Adhesion--Dual Cure Bonding Gum has over twice the adhesive strength of chemical cure repair units.

Flexibility In Use--Depending on your need, Dual Cure Repair Units will fully cure during the retreading process, in a section mold, or with the heat and pressure created by a tire in service.

Cement Application Procedures--Apply Dual Cure Repair Units with Fast-Dry Self-Vulcanizing Cement.


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