OTR BIAS Tire Repair Patch #5 OFF ROAD AGRICULTURAL TIRE 7" Bag of 2 USA style

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TAITEC / AUTOTOOL Dual Cure Cross-Ply Tire Patches 7”    AMERICAN STYLE   Bag of 2

Dual Cure Repair Units chemically vulcanize at room temperature or when heat and pressure are applied.  Dual Cure Repair Units provide many benefits to the tire repairman:

User Friendly-- soft, high tack gum is less prone to problems associated with moisture, handling, and cement drying time, allowing easy application.

Dual Cure Base Gum "locks" the repair unit in place until a full cure has occurred.

Optimal Adhesion--Dual Cure Bonding Gum has over twice the adhesive strength of chemical cure repair units.

Flexibility In Use--Depending on your need, Dual Cure Repair Units will fully cure during the retreading process, in a section mold, or with the heat and pressure created by a tire in service.

Cement Application Procedures--Apply Dual Cure Repair Units with Fast-Dry Self-Vulcanizing Cement.


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